Thursday, 15 October 2009

Si Chen MOKO top girl in white

A girl from great project MOKO again this is Si Chen in white sexy dress.I think she has charming eyes big round and I dont known its real or she wear a fake big eyes contact lens but it so beautiful.

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Tian Tian lovely real girl

I get her 500+ pics from internet and I randomly post for this set Tain Tain she is not idol, model, actress, and I exactly dont known who she is.Taiwanese? or Chinese? The thing I known this girl look like a doll very cute her shot herself many pics ( I have 500+ in my computer HDD) okay lets see 10 pics of her first.

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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Shara taiwanese girl

I tend to focus on Japanese and Korean girl but I just found that is my mistake today I found this Taiwanese girl who show me that Taiwanese is good one to focus on.Shara is a girl that so lovely and look she is funny too suitable for stay with.She also play Violin (last pic).


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Chen Siyu in cute dresses

Chen Siyu in 2 cute fashion dresses.Young Taiwanese girl represent how cute Chinese girl is after MOKO girl represent how sexy.

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Monday, 12 October 2009

Han Xuan Xuan big eyes MOKO top girl

I just found that sometime Chinese girls are interesting after see her Han Xuan Xuan different from other and major Chinese girl with her very beautiful big eyes that so charming and can break all men hearth when see them.This is the real generation of Chinese girl that I often see in the great projects (I say this again and again) MOKO Top girls season 2.

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