Thursday, 16 April 2009

Cai Yi Lin

Name : Jolin Tsai (Cai Yi Ling) 蔡依林
Height : 158cm
Birthday : 15 / 9 / 1980
Place of Birth : Taipei
Religion : Taoism
Star Sign : Virgo
Highest Level of qualification : Furen University
Family Members : Father , Mother , one eldest sister
Collections : Jewelly Accessories (Ring, chain, etc)

Jolin first started out by taking part in the MTV singing competition while she was just 18. She won the top prize with a song “The Greatest Love of all”. Then she was being signed on by Universal Music as a new singer from Taiwan. After about a year later, on July 1999, her first single Living With the World was released. It was sold in 7-11 stores and it was a tremendous success which led to the release of her first album on September 1999.

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